Here I am, starving in the candle light.

Starving for love, someday I might,

Find a flame that won't burn me,

Have a day where I don't feel lonely.

Here I am, I trust your every word,

But where's this angel you think I deserve?

I'm on fire whenever it's her I see,

But why do I still feel so melancholy?

Here I am, hungry for the night,

The dark and the silence wrap me up tight.

As I shiver with cold I can only dream,

Why won't she go in hands with me...

Save me, my candle's burning low,

Where will my flame go?

After all my pain burns?

How long will it be?

How long has it been?

I can't tell you enough, I need love my friend.

How long will I have to be alone?

When will I not feel so cold?

The rejection has got me so low,

When my heart's gone, where am I suppose to go?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I actually turned this poem into a song. Its pretty sweet.

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