One simple answer

How much does it take to find a simple answer?

Just a yes or a no, maybe I should just ask her?

It gets too hard when I'm laying alone and dying,

On the floor, face in hands, screaming and crying.

I let myself grow up, much to early for them to see,

I was put so far apart, so far they couldn't see me bleed.

The years I changed are the years I lay waste,

There was no smile for me, not even a little trace.

I let myself down, and again I feel the pain,

My heart's been squeezed so hard, your hands have left it drained,

The once crimson red now can't help but run black,

All those wasted years that I will never get back.

Have you ever been stabbed by a thousand knives?

Have you gotten nothing from changing someone's life?

Have you screamed to god and hoped that you'd die?

I left myself down, I led my own demise.

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