No one falls in love with me

Things are never as they seem,

They aren't happy like they are in happy dreams.

Nothing works out, that's just reality,

It stabs a knife in you, and slowly lets you bleed.

We've been spending so much time together,

I thought that you have gotten better.

You need more time for your broken heart,

Why couldn't I just keep myself from falling apart?

No one falls in love with me, this is just the same.

The moment I thought you felt for me, I fell down the exact same way.

I thought that time on your bed we lay, surely meant there would soon be change,

But no, it wasn?t anything. who has a life? Does anyone want to trade?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

You can get so close to someone, even further than just friendship, but no matter what I do it never keeps on going

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