Never Glad

Don't you like to be ignored,

Don't you enjoy wasting away at home.

Don't you love it when your friends walk past,

Just when you thought things were going good at last.

I wrote her a novel, and I got no reply,

He wrote a whole two lines, she wrote him back without a sigh,

I got this look like I did something wrong,

Like I screwed up and sang her a sad and broken song.

Don't you like to be up all night,

Don't you like to be shone a beautiful light?

Don't you like to have it torn away and thrown out of sight?

Just when you thought things were turning around in your life.

I wrote her a song, I put all the notes together,

I thought that this way, she'd feel for me better,

But now it brings me back to all my worthless letters,

She doesn't care for me, as long as he's around to get her.

Don't you like to be the only one left without a hug,

Don't you like to be popular, even after smoking all the drugs?

Don't you like how it feels to be held and to be loved?

Just when I thought I was becoming happy, I got beat down from above.

Am I jealous, have I come undone?

Am I blind, am I just too dumb?

Am I stupid to think, to dream of finding love?

I can't even be noticed a bit, not even a little, not even some.

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