Inhale...enjoy it while it burns,

Breathe in until it hurts,

Soon you'll see it works.

Inhale...breathe deep into me,

Close your mind and watch it leave,

The pain will fly and you won't bleed.

Inhale...please don't mind the smell,

It's nothing you can help,

Don't worry I won't tell. doubt it'll make you calm,

If you run out, don't run up the walls,

Just think it's not a big deal at all.

Exhale...blow all the smoke out,

Try to hold the shouts,

Now you know what it's all about.

Exhale...With every passing one,

You'll do this until you're done,

Those little things know they have won.

Isn't it strange, the things that control us?

Isn't it lame, the way people hurt us?

Isn't it the same, every life that leads us?

But why do we depend on those stupid cigarettes?

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