Unanswered prayer

This kid didn't see it coming,

Over and over he kept on falling,

Until it came, there's no way he knew,

No one cared to warn him, he just fell right through.

God, where are his angels? Are they sleeping tonight?

They sang of fables, embracing a new light,

He wept and cried and held on tight,

His big heart has turned black again,

The streams are now empty, He's dry from within,

Why aren't the angels coming for him?

He tried to speak to his friend, There was no reply,

We just left him stranded, without a simple goodbye,

They'd come back, he thought, he knew!

He took a chance with his life, to the hands of god he threw,

He was dropped and he fell below, his faith left untrue.

That boy still stood so proud, with his heart barely beating,

He rejoiced his sorrow, he was still hardly breathing,

So near the bottom, he fell to his knees and prayed,

But to his surprise you turned the other way,

He turned to dust, he didn't get his wish,

You let him destroy himself, you let his soul fade...

This is my last unanswered prayer!

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