I have dreamt of having great summers,

Just like the ones I used to know,

Soft flowers draped in white,

All the sunshine dancing slow,

I have dreamt of those great summers,

No boredom, always on the go,

Great times with friends, staying up all night,

One thing was always missing, but it just wouldn't show,

Then all my summers quickly faded away,

All my hopes and my dreams were shattered quickly away,

Is my heart for no one? I can't find one to love,

Now I wait patiently, but will she ever come?

I can remember, when I was left alone,

I can see him with her, she is so beautiful,

You always held hands, sitting so graciously,

I lay awake in tears, It felt like I had to scream,

I can remember, feeling so weak and cold,

I felt pain and fright, It just never grew too old.

The emptiness took me and I was finally sold,

To all these dreams, the life I'm bound to uphold.

Now I despise my summers,

It's just a time when people change,

No hope can ever save us,

From all the friendships that fade,

Now I pray for a new kind of summer,

I want to watch the sunset, get lost in the skies.

I keep the shades pulled tight, I recall this dream of mine,

Under the fading light, I would gaze into her eyes,

She'd come close and we'd kiss. Everything would be alright.

So much for a dreamer,

So young and so stupid,

I just want to be with her,

It didn't happen......I knew it.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sometimes the only place you can be happy is in your dreams.

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