Freedom can be free

I wonder what would happen,

If we truly made the world change,

I wonder if there’s such a place?

A world full of peace would be so strange!

How can we live without,

All the things we need?

How can we give up our possessions,

Until it’s down to just you and me?

What about all the stupid wars,

And all the stupid people?

What about all the hate constructed,

From each and every steeple,

All the hate and greed,

That turn to blood and tears,

These are all things we need,

Where would we be without fear?

Who can manage peace,

Without the biggest guns?

Who can save the world,

If they couldn’t say “We won!”

Borders and borders,

Walls beyond walls,

Leaders barking orders,

Trying to make the weak ones fall.

Screaming children of earth,

Just wanting to be free,

How much is peace worth,

If we must die for this need?

War impedes death,

It shall only make us bleed,

How does that help,

Bring the enemy to peace?

We launch a bomb,

They launch it right back,

Then why is it so wrong,

When they blow us up like that?

We take so many more lives,

We break so many more homes,

Their families and our money burns,

With every country we have to own.

Freedom can be free,

But the stupid must concede,

They must live up to their lies,

Only then will true peace be seen.

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