You found me

Broken and lonely, trying to let go,

Each day I feel this, you don't even know,

All day I weep here, I find a new low,

It's hard to find light, in this place I call home.

Its just something I believe in, but it's not completely true,

I've always been sighing, until I met you,

It's just not the right time, we can't start something new,

But I just found out, that you kind of feel it too.

Something has found me, I can't believe its you,

Deep down I just thought it was something only I knew,

But yet I still feel my pain and I still feel blue,

From my heart see our portrait, It's something we drew.

It's the way you laugh, the way you make me smile,

Now I feel like all this waiting, has been worth the while,

All this time I've felt like I've been hanging out on trial,

I'd walk around the world for you, It'd be worth every mile.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I later found out after writing this that she never had feelings for me.

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