Do you know, What this feels like?

Everyday, its something I fight,

It's just another stab in my back,

It's just another hole inside me...just another crack,

Since you never write me, here's a short letter,

I hope in the future you treat people better,

And maybe you might care to call,

And maybe you'll be nice...and stop me from my fall,

Why does it seem like I'm always the bad guy,

Like I'm the one who always made you cry?

But don't worry, I feel great, and I feel fine,

Could you please refrain, from feeding me the lies?

Do you know what it's like, When no one calls you back?

Do you know what it feels like, When friends lie to you like that?

Have all your friends left you like they left me?

Have they chained you down so you can't breathe?

I know your friends, you never even lost them,

You don't know what its like to be forgotten.

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