It's so depressing,

Waiting to see my friends confessing,

Finally exclaiming the way they really feel,

Finally saying our friendship was never real.

I'm just an obligation,

A waste of time they've taken,

Just come out and say it,

I'm the one you've always hated.

Quit faking like your the better person,

Even I can see that that's not true,

Quit saying I put on so much pressure,

Stop acting like I never knew.

That's great that you have so many friends,

I'm just blessed with a few,

Will they last? It all depends,

Hopefully they aren't nothing like you.

So quit all the lying,

Just say I'm a loser,

So you can stop trying,

And realize the truth hurts.

Soon you'll be gone,

And I'll be completely alone,

It's nothing I haven't felt before,

I just can't wait to feel like shit some more.

You don't deserve anything you can't be,

You know I'm everything you need.

Your true self, I just couldn't see,

Now I know that you never gave a fuck about me...

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