Mom and me

Why do I have to sit here and listen to this?

Why does my dad have to make my mom pissed?

Why can't he stand up for her, why can't he change?

Why does he just sit on his ass, he'll always be the same.

He sits alone, and I'm so afraid to end up like him,

I want to have a fucking life, I want to fucking live,

Why can't he hear our screams or any of our words?

Why can't he do something, why's he such a blur?

My mom is right, I didn't want to believe it,

I?m glad she's saving me, I'm glad she's had it,

For once in my life I feel strong enough to be me,

For once in my life I can maybe stop bleeding.

Does silence run deep, or is he just that empty?

Finally she said it, dysfunction's here already,

Just sit fucking still, don?t say a damn word,

Why do any of the shit you've already heard?

I don't want to hate you, but what have you done?

Nothing I know of, you don't even know what I want,

You don't know my hopes, or any of my dreams,

You don't care about me, at least that's what it seems.

Thanks for tearing us all apart,

Thanks for never even trying to start,

A new way for you, a new dad to see,

But those are just words from mom and me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Everyone thinks that I have the perfect family life, but it's the exact opposite. My family is incredibly dysfunctional, we hide it well when friends are over.

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