You lie for him, Like he lies to you,

All of that makes you, like him so untrue,

After all that he's done, why can't you see?

The real person that he is, how he makes you believe.

He makes you embrace, every word that he says,

Like he's done no wrong, like he's the one who bled.

Do you care that he treats me like shit?

Do you care that you gave me just as hard a hit?

Don't you realize the thing that he's become?

He stole from you, your sister, and your mom.

He stole from his dad, and his mother too,

But they didn't care, Guess what, he?s stolen from you.

How come you're there for him, after all that he's done?

When you aren't there for me, after all I've given up?

I'd give my life for you, and you just don't see,

I've been there for you, every fucking time that you needed me.

You stole my trust from me, but you always got it back,

You've lied and lied to me, but I took you in like that,

I've tried to keep you from going down the wrong path,

But there you go, goodbye, to my face another slap.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is what happens when one friend turns to drugs and turns my best friend against me.

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