You are so cool

I looked up,

I fell down,

I got beat

Right to the ground,

You hit me hard, Because you're so right,

And you think I won't put up a fight?

Is it because I'm different?

Is it Because I love to sing?

Is it because I can listen

Because I can think?

What are you?

Do you have a life?

Can you tell the truth

Have you felt the knife?

Do you know what its like

To be cast outside?

To be left out in the cold to die?

Have you ever seen me walk by,

Look at you and throw on a smile?

Guess what! I don't care,

I'm a person too,

So we like different things,

But sadly, I'm alive just like you!

Is it because I love music

Is it that I like going to school?

Is it that I'm not such a fool?

What do you do that makes you so cool?

You smoke and you drink,

I guess thats something, I think?

I guess its cool to make people sad,

I guess its ok to take the light that we have,

I didn't know that you were so hot,

Take a look in the mirror and see what your not,

Inside we're beautiful,

Inside, you just rot.

I didn't know that you Had to be heard,

You think you're so right

I think your ubsurd,

You think you know life,

You think you know love,

You think you know everything,

And you think I'm just a blur.

So go ahead and win,

You don't know how to lose,

You don't know what I've lost,

You haven't felt broken within.

Go ahead and laugh,

Call me anything you feel,

We'll never quit,

We'll always be here,

We're few, but we sing,

To you as you sit

In your shallow life,

Until you finally see fit,

One day you'll find out

We knew what we were talking about,

The aches and the pain,

How you drove us insane,

It'll drive you crazy

And it won't even phase me,

Don't worry I'm not the first,

And I'm not the last you know,

I'll keep singing the verse,

I'll sing you the songs I wrote,

To remind you of all the things that you do,

To remind you of the things that make you "so cool"

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