My lying angel

She said once again, it's all in god's hands,

Why did I have to pretend like I'm his biggest fan?

My prayers seem fake, they only bring me pain,

So why the fuck am I still screaming his name?

The liquor and cigarettes make it go quicker,

So slow the death as if my heart could get sicker.

Why am I the one who gets played? The one lost who can't feel great,

Why in the fuck am I still screaming your name?

She said once again, She loves me with all her heart,

Well why then, why does she make me fall apart?

Is it the way she kisses me? Even though it's just on the cheek,

Why do I keep thinking she's something I need?

I'm not the only guy in the room, Is it all just a lie?

Am I the puppet she plays with, it wouldn't be the first time.

Is she hiding her secrets, inside that soft blonde hair of hers?

Or is she speaking the truth? How come it's such a blur?

The games and the blame, make me feel so ashamed,

How come I keep screaming your god forsaken name?

Everything you say, doesn't change a thing, I still feel the same,

At the top of my lungs can't you hear I won't be okay?

Look at me sit alone on this dirty hill to cry,

The stars even hid, I looked at the pale gray sky,

I got no answers, I just ate all your lies,

To the bottom I've gone, and she won't let me close my eyes.

All the people that say god will make it okay,

Have never met a screwed up fuck like me.

They haven't had the time to bleed,

To feel the pain that grows with each seed,

They've never felt the twisting jealousy,

The smoke that I taste, the smell that won't go away,

The drink that gets me drunk every night the same,

The feel of the blade, Am I going insane?

Isn't this just great?

Why, oh why am I still screaming your name?

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