Why me?

Why am I the one whose always hated?

Why do I always feel so degraded?

Why do I always fuck up every single thing?

Why does nothing come out when I try to sing?...

Why am I such a loser?

Why didn't I just tell her?

Nothing heals me, I?m always bleeding,

Crying inside and still never sleeping...

Every time it happens I look peaceful outside,

But inside I'm exploding, I blow up and I die,

No love from any one, or at least since I'm here,

Why live my life If I'm just drowning in tears?

How come it seems like nobody cares?

How come no one is still never there?

Awake all night and being alone,

Would anyone miss me if I decided to go?

I'm sorry I'm such a shame,

I'm sorry I'm such a waste,

I'm sorry there's only so much I can take,

I'm so sorry that I'm even here, I'm sorry I've had to stay

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