You're beautiful, your life's great,

Nothing in your way, not one drop of hate,

Until you met me, its you I fear,

Falling in love with, something so insecure.

You'd say anything, to take my mind,

You'd do anything, to steal my eye,

And waste my love and throw away what's right,

Falling for you was the worst thing ever in my life.

All I see when I look at you,

Is someone fake, and someone untrue,

When it comes to my heart, you just have no clue,

When you stole my life, I didn?t know what to do,

I grew so addicted, I loved to watch you walk by,

But when you never said hello, it almost made me cry,

And still to this day, I've never given up hope,

I thought I still loved you, but now I know I don't.

You're just a stranger, so what do I care?

You left me stranded, it's not the first time I hear?

No one else can see it, there blind by what you hold,

A great face and body, but a heart filled with cold.

And so ends what we had, I guess it was nothing,

Why do you still ask me if I want to hang out or something?

Remember we were suppose to go cruising in your car?

Oh that's right, you're too busy, that's the kind of person you are.

Sometimes I wish that you would turn pure black,

That way people couldn't stare at you, and treat you like that.

Someday I hope, you'll stop doing this to them,

And I pray to never meet someone fake like you again.

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