Wrapped in this christian blanket

We’ve got one chance in this life to get everything right,

The only problem it seems is the everlasting light,

Is the god our true father, did he create my life?

Is he always with me, even through our trembling flights?

I’m glad to see you found yourself,

Wrapped up in a blanket of your favorite deity,

It must be nice to know you won’t need my help,

But now you worry it might be too late to save me.

Entrenched by your new sense of divinity,

The light you shine shows just how much you’re worth,

After this life expires, you’re guaranteed paradise beyond this earth,

In grace and peace you’ll be, as long as you feel his mirth.

What is to become of those who have not seen the light?

The malcontents shall parish and pay the lord his price.

To hell with you my son, my love, my child, my own creation,

How could you deceive your father, your true salvation!

Haven’t you read my novel, so clear and so true,

Inside awaits, in every troubling case, an answer for you,

My message has been sent, the sacrifice was made,

What else must I do, to make you behave?

I’m sorry for all the trouble I have caused,

The true believers know I will be missing out,

Love without you is love filled with flaws right?

I must know what you’re all about, to really know my life.

Wrapped up in your blanket I feel so safe,

As you push me further from the ones that keep me sane,

As they worry and tithe, you think I’ve lost my mind,

To question the very thing that is costing us life.

Oh Christian god, I pray you’re not the only one who’s right,

What about the rest of the world, what if they leave this world tonight?

Down they go as the rest of them pray to reach their different light,

Though more devoted than you, they still lose the fight.

And so I go on, beyond this lingering debate,

Asking maybe, just maybe, you weren’t the only one to create,

The only life I know is the one I breathe, so as for my “fate”

I can only hope there is more past death than your pearly golden gate.

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