Sad, Pathetic, You.

I wonder what it feels like to be so pathetic,

In my life that's so hectic,

I still manage to keep myself sane.

And why can't you refrain,

From all the remarks I sustain?

Too immature to keep your mouth shut?

I wonder what it's like being such a stupid fuck,

Who has nothing better to do but tear me down,

Have you noticed I just walk by without making a sound,

I let the noise pass, and I don't kick your ass,

But I'd really love to punch you square in the face...

But that would be wrong, It wouldn't be right,

I'm not one to start any fight,

I guess it's good that I'm still here and alive,

But that's where we're different, I'm not afraid to die.

Sometimes that would be doing me a favor,

But that would end the torture you savor.

I can't take away from all your pitiful fun,

Am I suppose to give in to all that you've done?

Maybe some day it will all change,

You'll grow up and you won't be so lame,

But who knows, You might be playing that sad old game,

Oh my how embarrassing that would be!

That's something I'd really love to see,

To point and laugh, you've done nothing with yourself,

To watch you cry and scream at me for help,

Alone and cold and dying, just like me!

To be in pain, and watch the people walk by as you bleed.

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