Until I wake

Does every kiss hold meaning?

Or is it just a step we take?

Things in life are just so tempting,

Even when we know they are fake.

Broken hearts, we spin in circles,

Crying and fearing love as well,

Don't take my hand and pull me with you,

Don't pull me down into your spell.

None of this really means a thing,

It's just pain in my head that won't leave,

These dreams must at least be something?

They keep on costing me my sleep.

Every night the time flies by,

Thoughts of her flash in my mind.

My dying heart cries for her love,

Even when every thing has been said and done.

Every night a silent whisper,

It slows every breath I take.

The voice makes me think I'm with her,

It seems so real until I wake.

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