Shadows vanish when the sun hits noon

Shadows vanish when the sun hits noon,

Living empty, always hearing the same old tune,

Everyone suffers, a drunk town brings no smiles,

A picture perfect place, the lesson hits in just a short while.

We were all made to die,

But only the birds were graced to fly,

We try to find our steady ground,

A changeless time, this city we're bound.

Erie gray skies steal the wind from its once former blue,

Closed minds spinning their circles, breathless, we stare un-clued,

The heart in which I search, I can see it's near.

My wish fails to find me, a broken life couldn't be more clear.

Live in your dreams, don't cheat your sleep,

Life will gleam, who cares if its not reality,

Shadows vanish when the sun hits noon,

Life is boring dancing to the same crushed tune.

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