America the beautiful (from dream to broken dream)

How much time is left for us to hate,

How much longer can we be disgraced?

There are good lives that we could make,

But instead lets get high and throw our money to waste.

How shallow can our society be?

Fighting for peace is like having sex for virginity.

It's getting too late and we've waited too long,

How long until we give up and drop the bomb?

So much fighting, and so much lying,

So much poverty, poor children crying,

But that can all be cured with new prescriptions,

And all the people can buy new addictions.

We're so diverse, we have different beliefs,

But keep your religions away from me,

Quit preaching something not everyone sees,

You care more about the pledge? than the children in need.

Lets throw away millions so athletes can buy new cars and fame.

Since when is it about the money, what about for love of the game?

But lets be smart! and give our dear congressmen everything,

And give the teachers that taught them a hand next to nothing.

There's too much truth to fathers beating their daughters,

It makes me sick to think that most people don't bother.

They don't bother to help or care, they ignore it I think,

She has such a good family...why should I suspect a thing?

Such mentalities are leaving us blind,

If I don't do something, I'm sure the next person won't mind.

And so begins our cycle, and the fall of the country we hold.

But who am I to say a thing? I mean come on...what would I know?

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