There's something within

A pain within is a pain throughout,

The pain all over tears deep and shouts,

But of course no pain is left without,

Without a friend by your side to help you out.

A heart within is a heart throughout,

If you have it inside, people see what you're about,

But if nothing is there, you must find a new route,

You will feel no pain, but you?ll be empty no doubt.

A lie within is seen outside,

I know the look in those shifty eyes,

I never understood why I even tried,

Tried to change your ways and that simple mind.

A knife in your hand is a knife in my back,

I can't believe I ever trusted you like that,

You threw away a friend, you lost the greatest thing,

May he tear out your voice, so I won't ever hear you sing.

The pain within has made pain all around,

It rips me and cuts me, but will never make a sound,

For all you care, the noose has been tied and bound,

Into the dark abyss below, I make my peace with the ground.

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