This place

I come to this place, most every passing day,

I can look after the stars as the sunlight grows dimmer,

I come to this place in spring, summer, fall, and winter,

In this place anything can happen, life can drift away.

This place has peace, silence, serenity,

This place has love, hate, pain, anxiety,

This is where the tears never cease to stop falling,

If you listen closely you can hear death calmly calling.

This place keeps me safe from all weather,

You can even feel the soft wind, light as a feather,

This place rarely gets me to feel any better,

Here I can relive the aches received from each letter.

In this place every crack shines through so bright,

Here my friends can see me, troubled through my night,

Sometimes happy, sometimes drowned in fright,

In this place lives a candle, its mine, just a dying light.

I'm addicted to this place that hurts me,

Until it breaks down, I'll just keep on coming,

The sight of life from this room is so hard to see,

This is where feelings are crushed, so I keep dreaming.

I hate this place...

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