Is it just me?

Why can't I have you?

Its all too thick, I can't get through,

But I can't help but fall for you,

I just wish you really, truly knew.

Is it all the things I do?

Don't my compliments mean a thing to you?

Why do you lie?

By saying I'm such a great guy,

Saying I'm someone you want in your life?

Is that your way of telling me to leave?

Leading me on to the point where I can't breathe,

Every time that I see you, my love won't go to rest,

But now comes the pain, from deep in my chest.

Does it even click in your head,

You make me feel like I'm better off dead,

I wish your truth were lies too,

I feel like such a fool, always trying to talk to you,

Your lies degrade me,

Your truth hates me,

What the fuck am I saying?

You're the one who stopped caring,

So we'll keep on fading,

You say there's no changing,

It all just keeps happening,

Why am I trying? Why am I crying?

I'm sorry I care for our friendship,

I'm sorry you mean so much to me,

I'm sorry you think of me as nothing at all,

I'm sorry your mind has become so small,

I'm sorry I loved you,

I'm sorry I hate you,

I'm sorry It won't come true,

I'm sorry you don't have a clue.

It is just me? Or is there something wrong?

Am I the one who was right all along?

Or am I singing the same hopeless song?

If so I'm sorry that it took me this long...

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