What's wrong with me?

Do you feel this pain that aches?

The menacing sorrow and the shakes?

Do you find a hatred hard to believe?

The detestation of one, its me...

I never wanted this, I never hated me,

I never knew I'd quit, I never knew I couldn't proceed,

But when he bestowed upon such a treachery,

His decision, forced me to leave...

Sanctified, I held all things close to me,

I broke apart, all my words were held and seized,

This friend of mine, confirmed his growing infidelity,

Now here is this line, past it he cannot see...

Then there is my mind-set, where my love lay,

Her astonishing grace, is so irresistible,

The dearest passion that came,

I'm still waiting for her to say...I love you too

I keep on falling through, this catastrophe keeps eating me,

The significant one won't ever find me, I guess I'll try one more time.

But when my heart's in deep, I'll remain unseen,

Discarded...just this calamity and me...

Would you ever put your arms around me?

Would you hold me with meaning and hold me tightly?

Do you find these words that hard to believe?

It's just something I can't see, something wrong with me...

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