And now she's gone

All your tears and all the rain,

Drown out all your crys of all the pain

I know the clouds just won't go away,

I know you wish things were still the same.

All her feelings are now so obsolete,

I know you swept her right off her feet,

I know you can't think, with your head in your hands,

Wishing and praying, she'll come back to you again.

Someone stole her heart from you,

And she's wanting something that isn't true,

You filled her arms, you held her hand,

You shared the moments we hope never end.

Hand in hand you two looked so sweet,

Like nothing between you could ever be weak,

I can't believe it all broke apart like this,

I can't believe she let you go like this.

But it was just something,

She just couldn't do,

She just wasn't feeling,

The way she once did for you.

You can't fight her heart, her hard decision,

You can't be like this, forever imprisoned,

If you need to talk, you know I will listen,

You can cry on my shoulder, I know her you'll be missin'.

I'm sorry she left and you're still crying,

I'm sorry she's gone, and I know she's not lying,

She can see the hurt that's so deep in your eyes,

She can, too, feel the way your burning inside.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This (as you can probably tell) is about a break-up. It was between two of my friends...The passion and love I saw in their relationship was incredible...but as quickly as it came, she left and she was gone.

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