Cold and Lonely

For a while I thought I was used to this,

For a while there the pain had ceased,

But the thoughts don't go away with the shake of a fist,

I wish it could be healed and I could be at peace.

The feeling comes back each time they walk by,

And every "no" I hear begs the question why,

Why am I the one to always get that low reply?

Why am I the one who never gets to try?

For once I want to feel what they all talk about,

It doesn't always work, but they've felt it before,

When I see them in front of me I just want to shout,

I don't even know where to start or how to get more.

And so my road continues with no stops along the way,

On the deserted street I'll remain alone every day,

My heart can't grow and I can?t be set free,

I'm just stuck in this hole, all cold and lonely.

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