Poem for my parents

In this lone time, I'm afraid to wake,

To your soft voices that echo my name,

Discussion behind my back, declaring my friends are fake,

I could reply but all would remain the same,

If you accepted my friends...

I speak no lies, you can't take truth,

When I'm right you protest my lines,

There is no apathy between me and you,

My requited questions aren't purely through,

If you accepted my friends...

All my sorrow looking for peace,

Death to the seasons that I can't reach,

The happiness that you take from me,

I sing to my angels that you can't see,

If you only listened...

I don't care about your past history,

This suicide imposed so vividly,

Insomnia, if I could just sleep,

Sleep is where I can feel my dreams,

If you only listened...

You're so emotionless, I can't compete,

I'd scream loudly if I could speak,

My faint existence is still getting weak,

In my poetry, you will find despair,

Why do you hurt me?

Why are you against all my friends?

They keep me living far from an end,

If you want them all to be sent away,

A bleeding anger, flows out today,

My friends are something that you can't take.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is for my parents...

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