Dead Space

In the dark,

In the cold,

Lives a place,

No one knows,

Here a hug,

For you awaits,

But not too soon,

And not too late,

For when its time,

Your time to fly,

You won’t know it,

But you’ll be high,

Today’s the day,

When all is great,

When nothing burns,

But the tears on your face,

In the depths you will cry,

In the shallows you will find,

The last remaining piece,

Of what you call your life,

There is no escape,

You’ve lost the very end,

You don’t even know to hate,

The one whom you pretend,

Inside a light won’t shine,

But that’s no excuse to hide,

The next day will bring the same,

Another life confined,

So now you’re finally here,

I know you all too well,

Although peace is lurking near,

You’ll see it off to hell,

So back into the dark,

And back into the cold,

Off to the broken place,

We now all see and know,

I’m sorry you are lost,

I’m sorry you can’t go,

Forever I’ll watch you rot,

In the skin that you call home.

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