Why do I even try?

Today I found out, that I can never win,

I can't even play the game, I'd just lose it all again,

Today I realized once more, that I'm not her guy,

I can't keep trying like this, I can't keep asking why.

So many people care for him, the friend I once had,

He used to be there for me, now he just makes me sad,

So many people love him, they love the things he does,

And I'm the only one, who knows what he is, and what he was.

I think they both, still have that spark inside,

I believe it's still left over, I remember it from last time,

I think they've started to leave me, just like it happened before,

I hope this is the last time, from friendship I want more.

I guess thats just my life, I'll never be able to change it,

I can never find a happy ending, I'm sorry I have to say it,

I guess I'm just so used to being alone, does anyone really care?

I can't find myself in love again, life is never fair.

So let me sit inside my room, let me lay alone and cry,

Leave me be with these broken words, screaming and asking why,

I'm so happy for you, your luck will never die,

As for me there is no luck, so why do I even try?

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