Talking to myself again?

The night is coming,

When the winds are howling,

Our friendships crumbling,

This sense of dying, takes us all away...

This state of mind, where thoughts are flying,

All around its chaotic, are we all trying?

What happened to our normal lives?

Are you lying or are you crying?

I sit here counting, all who's left here with me,

You're barley clinging, the few here will soon be leaving,

Intentions fading, it creates our misunderstandings,

This feeling ignored, never fails to stop happening,

Is it a miracle? They way I never give up?

Until its way too much, when I lose touch?

I guess I just can't handle things thrown at me,

Am I just a bad seed, who believes I'll be happy?

Who can blame me? Who can blame me...

This is how it's meant to be,

My voice is too soft, you never hear me,

You fall asleep when trying to see,

Your snoring now, but you don't believe,

The friend you've become, I've given you so much,

I've been by your side through all your hard times,

Now going through mine, no one's there...

Have you ever stared at fire,

And believed you were in hell?

Have you felt like you're never admired?

Hidden behind smile, where no one can tell?

Have you cried, because your friends flew away?

Have you changed, can you feel a knife in your back today?

Do you think i'm just trying to be funny?

Or are you saying all my words and feelings add up to nothing?

I can't keep you, from what you do,

Smoke away, end all of your days,

My lips that move, don't speak to you,

I try and I try, But I can?t get through...

If you still can't hear me, am I speaking unclearly?

Is it the mumbles in me? Am I that uneasy?

My sights are discrete, my expressions complete,

Black and white, now can you see what it is I mean?

Or am I just talking to myself once again???

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is about one of my friends. Things have gotten better since he's read this, but some things are still the same...

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