A letter to the lord almighty

Dear God,

I think I'm falling again,

I wonder if you're my friend?

Are you there for me till the end?

It hasn't been long since I prayed,

Do you think I'll be okay?

Should I be feeling this way?

It's too much of a contradiction,

But I think I like this affliction,

Sometimes it's just too much to take,

In the mirror I guess I just see disgrace,

On top of a blank and ugly face,

It's so much I can't even make a disguise,

I can't put life in these sunken eyes,

Or stop the tears when I break down and cry,

Isn't this a game of confidence?

Maybe it's just one big accident?

Dear god I'm falling again,

I thought this time you'd let me win?

I thought you played this game fair!

You can't leave me yet, I haven't said I don't care,

I wonder if your other followers are aware,

Of how you left some of us behind, left some of us impaired,

We're either too drunk or too high,

Or maybe we just want to die,

We want to believe you aren't a lie,

So that from pain we find redemption in your big blue sky...

Dear god, Don't go off and leave me,

Unless you'd rather me stop believing???

Sincerely, ...(your name here)

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