Nana's Song

Summertime makes me think of you.

It brings on a small twinge of pain at your absence,

But I smile nonetheless.

No tears accompany that ache

When you enter my mind.

That flowing river,

That was once my grief

Has at last dried out.

I sing for you, Nana,

Of youthful Summer wishes.

Twirling in dizzying circles

Underneath the trees.

Maples show

The majestic Evergreen

What its like to have grace.

And the Evergreen in turn,

Demonstrates the power

Of presence.

Robins twitter

A lilting tune to the sky

While tiny hummingbirds dash about

To drink up sweet nectar.

Cotton candy clouds

Continue to float in the breeze

And the sailboats

Are still riding the waves.

Its absolutely breathtaking.

So I sing a song

In your memory,

While walking in the glow

Of the Summer sun.

Your favorite season, Nana,

Will forever make me

Think of you

And smile.

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