Morning Dew

I'm sorry for disobeying thee,

I've tried to earn your trust.

And now you walk way from me,

For doing what I must.

To save the lives of those I love.

Is that really such a crime?

I've tried to explain my reasons to you,

But you wouldn't give me the time.

I'm sorry you dislike them so,

They mean the world to me.

Why can't you hear me out just once?

They are my family!

The things they've done are lost in past,

The future's still to come.

I find myself feeling safe for once,

Just try to understand me some!

It is with them that I wish to dwell

Away from you and this torturous hell.

Oh Angel of Loneliness, why can't you see?

That they are good people,

That they truly love me!

With all of their hearts, down to the very soul.

Guardian of mine just let me go.

To be the person I'm really meant to be.

I'm asking you, I'm begging,

I'm down on my knees!

I've had enough of you,

And your wicked, cold lies.

With you, I wish now to sever all ties.

To fulfill my dreams, and hopefully soon.

In the darkness, you were the only friend that I ever knew.

But now, I finally see the light,

As I step out into the morning dew.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Late 2006. Just something that "popped" into my head, so I wrote it down.

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