Surrender to the hungry look in your lover's eyes.

Surrender to the soft brush of their skin,

Making you shiver with anticipation.

The feel of their hands upon your body, eager to take what they need and crave.

Yet, patiently calm, and dangerously controlled.

Surrender to the passion that burns inside of your very soul.

Surrender to your lover- become one forever.

It's just you and them in that sacred embrace that so many before you have known.

Surrender to your lover, and finally become Free.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Ok. So, hmm.. I wrote this poem around 2003 or so at the age of 13. It just about sent my mother into cardiac arrest. I can look back and laugh now at the look on her face-- back then... I had to endure a three hour talk about the "birds and the bees". Not only did I catch hell from her, but I also had a sit down with all six of my uncles and my grandparents as well. It was dreadful! But, I hope that you like it nonetheless.

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