Desperate Promises

And it's crazy

When that moment comes,

And you realize, that you're constantly

Left wondering

About the "could have beens"

Because you just miss them, that much.

I know that you..

You're not supposed to be mine.

And yet, at odd little moments

When I least expect it,

You're the one that ..

I wish I could be with.

It doesn't matter

That we just aren't good together—

Hell, half the time

We can barely manage being friends.

So tell me, what's the point?

Why am I greedy enough

To be left, always wanting something more?

We'll never be able to make it work.

But there's a part of me

That needs to have you in my life—

Just as bad as I need to breathe.

A reckless infatuation

Is all I have to offer.

And I know that it won't ever be enough

For what we both really need.

But promise me something anyway.

In those odd little moments,

When you've stolen my breath

And left me aching for the impossible..

Promise, in that desperate time of need,

I can have you as my everything

Even if it means nothing at all

In the end.

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