My vanishing heart

So tell me when the wind did blow and steal away my heart,
With the weight of a feather and fragile as glass,
To the heavens and far away it did depart.
Now silence my words and twist my body like molded brass,
Twist it and fashion wings so my soul might be free.
Let me fly and let me soar to find a peace of mind,
Without a care or a wish, not even where my heart might be,
The farthest beauties of this world I am determined to find.
Until that day, that fateful day I am led back there,
To follow the wind and ride the tide that takes me virtually everywhere,
It is then I will rest, and I will find my heart was with me all through this journey.
For once I've found it and have known its warmth, it will never be lost, not any time.

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