Dealers life!

This is my story and I will tell it with love and glory. Being young and dumb stealing off mum just to have a bun :) getting high and drinking, then all night raving, that's all that would come to mind. Selling drugs and making money while having the freedom to not follow the rules, paying others to do your dirty chores as you would. 

When you live in a dealers life, that's just what you have to do is multiply?

The drug dealing and fighting is now here, his grown older and taller bigger arms and chest. Not to forget his bullet proof vest. Coz that shit is going to protect, that pea sized brain in his head. 
Two shot and he is hurt nearly dead for sure. Unexpected attack at his front door, being foolish, yes, now on an hospital bed with a drip from his arm and a hole in his head. But this ain't ended his quest to be the best, 4 days later he discharged himself. 
Because when you live in a dealers life, you do what you have to do to get revenge.
Filled with anger and not thinking about his health. Goes home and grabs the gun from the shelve, fuels up with a bit of white power. Gets in his ride and drives to a road called mayflower, must be waiting an hour till he sees them cowards. 
Walks out his car pulls his gun from his waist, points it straight in his face and bang! There he goes straight to jail. He has the money to pay for bail, but didn't he said he killed a man and deserves to stay lock away for as long as it takes.
when you live in a dealers life, you do what ever you do to survive!
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