power of God

it's a tornado that spins so fast
and swallows all of the things that pass
pulls out the roots and takes off the grass
in a moment of anger,in a moment of clash
the power of nature is unleashed
earthquakes,hurricanes and volcanic ash
torrents that cover you until you drown
and floods that destructively destroy and smash
thunder and lightning ,violent storm, and an angry cloud
late at night..the sky is gloomy and black
and all of a sudden..you hear the closest clouds crash
while you see the elecrtic thunder's irresistable impact
lucky you are if you are protected and someone has your back
to take you out of that invincible power of nature's hand
But people come and go and watch you as you helplessly stand
no wizard could stop that power and not even a man
sometimes you cannot face things that are as bad
as the gloomy sky in the night of winter's flash
only one power that is like no other, will save your life
it is the power of our GOD ..GOD will put an end to all of that!

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