here comes the bride

Here comes the beautiful bride

with her chosen man having the right

in public walking in cheer and pride

drawing happiness..drawing a smile

walking through the colourful lights

dancing under the lovely moonshine

looking elegant..dressed beautifully nice

her groom takes her hand and looks into her eyes

whispers into her ears, saying"this is our night"

she answers him back saying"we'll finally share one life"

everyone smiles really big and really bright..

staring up at the shining stars in the sky

clapping,dancing and leaving their problems behind

cheering..singing..and putting their minds aside

the mother looks at her daughter in hope ..and she doubtfully cries

tears of joy are running out of her eyes..

her baby has grown up really fast and now she's become a bride

she gazes for a moment remembering days passing by

remembering their silly arguments..the mother and daughter fights

she's the happiest ever but yet still sad inside

because she's already missing her daughter..seeing her taken infront of her eyes

but after all she wishes her the stability, peace,and settelment of life

here comes the comes the bride 



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