fate and dreams

i believe in fate

if it's meant to be..

surely it will take place..

why rush? why precipitate?

why wonder...why anticipate?

why cry...why frustrate?

when there's a chance..and it's never too late


you can re-born your ambitions,and dreams..

work harder and seek to success in all life fields


Never quite nor tremble,

Don't stand their and crumble


create your lifelong hope

fantasize how you shoud cope

but first of all,

overcome your fears 

stop screaming,start believing 

and wipe away your tears

wake up from your sleep

attain,acquire and achieve

compete,fulfill and beat

manage and succeed!!

plan for the future 

create your own career

just because you missed one goal,

it doesn't mean that you should break and fall

rise up again..develop hard and grow

enrich your mind..refine your soul

keep searching for what you hope for

and it's your choice to run towards it or crawl..

Don't give up...stand tall


sometimes where you stand becomes rough and steep

and you would be walking there bare-feet

stumbles will hurt you until you bleed..

and your choice is to stop walking or lean and complete

Hold on...Don't give up easily on your dreams!!

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