victim of pride


how strange your point of view can quickly change!

because of a single misunderstanding ,because of a single mistake

but why can't you forgive?why can't you give a chance?

if you really know what love is...

if you really understand..

you won't think about won't care where you stand...




if he ever really loved me...

if he ever really cared....

my mistakes he would erase them..

and forget them for love's sake.



if she ever really loved me

if she ever really cared...

she wouldn't ever hurt me..

she wouldn't mistake...





if two people want each other..if they want to stay

if there's real love..there's nothing called hate



i swear i will make her cry

i swear i will make her pay

no one could ever break me..

my strength won't ever shake



perhaps you forgot..perhaps you're insane

you think yourself a man...but that's not how real men behave

if you made your girl cry..even if she did a mistake..

you don't deserve her don't deserve her to stay



if i really hated him..

if he thinks i don't care..

i wouldn't have tried my best

i wouldn't have apologized and corrected my mistake..

he's the one who doesn't love me...he's the one who hates



if i really hated her..

if she thinks when she leaves i'll be okay

she's just dreaming...i can't push her away

i won't let her go but she doesn't learn from her mistakes..

i won't give up on her no matter what..but she needs to change.

if she doesn't agree with me..i will change her my way




true love is rare..true love can't be found any where

you both need each both need to pray..

love exists in your hearts..but it needs to activate

the power of love is tough and mostly beautifully great..



i still love him...

i want him back

i wish he would accept me..i wish he wouldn't play games



i still love her...

i want her back

but my ego won't allow pride is more important than that

i won't hurt my dignity...i won't go to her 

she's the one who should come back..




he has changed with me..he doesn't love me anymore

he prefers his dignity to my love and broken soul..

i want him back...but he doesn't want me..

maybe i should move on...he will replace me.




their love died...because of their pride..

now they're lost..and their life went blind

they were meant to be for each other..

but their ego...stood and cried "LET GO...THAT'S NOT FINE" 

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