a cheat

why can't we ? stay close like we used to be ? you think it was me? who wanted to leave and be free?
you said you would never cheat,but who shall i believe? the master of lie ?or the master of deceit?
i trusted you with out a fear.when you talked i used to hear, and to you my secrets i revealed.
you used to be so near.but now it's obviously clear..that love was not real.
it was only just a dream...but that love was not sincere..as i expected it to be.
and now you have become a distant star, of seperation, i only see you in my hallucination
and our story all of a sudden turned into  imagination ,like it never happened before !
you chose to run away with no hesitation as if it was a determenation to leave and go.
you  know i can find you again because that was not an immigration..you're still here,i know
but i won't chase you or run after you.i won't accept your humilation anymore.
you chose your path and i will too
yes my heart is broken but i will no longer beg for you
maybe i still want you..
but i can't forgive how you treated me like a fool
sometimes you were nice and probably cute
but most of the time..you were unberably rude
i will try to move on and get over you
somehow it is going to be hard and a little bit cruel
but life goes on..and we should too..!! 
Author's Notes/Comments: 

the poet>>>Muin.... helped me in that poem and wrote that line"and now you have become a distant star, of seperation, i only see you in my hallucination"


thank U MUIN :)



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