the happy girl

the happy girl's broken smile >>>>>saying for the first time the reality behind her smile




and even in my hardest times

i still smile 

and hide the pain inside

i may look to you so high...

but i deeply cry


you may not see my tears

i just don't want to look weak

i'm not  happy as i seem

i cry myself at night to sleep

i don't really say how i feel

but my inner feelings are just too real

i just can't beat

that inner conflict of me


and when i cry and show my tears

it suddenly becomes a  big deal

because i always smile and look happy

they think that i have no pain 


they never know that i'm the same one who hides her tears

and cry deeply inside...

so as not to ruin anyone's happiness or smile

the one who keeps everyone she loves on her mind 

is the same one who will be forgotten when she dies!!


they think that i'm totally free

but they never knew the prison inside of me 

or feel my broken heart that bleeds


the happy girl is not happy on real

that smile on her face

is broken and needs to be healed 

that girl is seriously in-need

she wants someone to understand and feel

that inner conglict she can't beat

causing her scary dreams and dreadful fear

to say what's in heart and hopefully reveal 

the pain inside and the truth behind her tears 



sometimes we see happy people that are secretly damaged from inside

and really need our hands to stand by their sides

we can help them say what they feel...without any fear


these people are not weak..!!

they just need someone to encourage them to speak

and someone who will always be there for them to cheer 

let's help them to show how they feel ..but that time it will be on real!!

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