home means family

i was sitting alone..chatting with my friends on the internet
i was laughing ..eating chips and i turned on my t.v set
i was feeling chilled and relaxed..
no body's home and am all alone quiet happy to the max
no one's there to bother my happiness or ruin my smile
my parents are out and my brother is away for a mile
i thought i was free at that moment..and i thought that was better
untill the lights went out and it was completely dark
i froze in my place and my dog started to bark
i was scared..and i jumped out of my skin
i prayed to God and tried to chill
still it was dark..and i couldnt find a torch
i fell on the ground and tripped over my couch
i ran to the kitchen looking for candles
i'm lost but where did my mum put them?!
i searched and searched but found nothing
all i found was a match ...
i took it and thanked God..
at least it helped me to see through that dark
i was running back to my room..and suddenly i fell over the broom
i screamed "help" and my dog jumped on my leg
i freaked the hell out and closed my eyes
crying and wishing for any light
i sat in the hall freezed in my place..in the dark and started to gaze
i remembered horror movies..and scary scenes..
and then heard foot steps walking right next to me
i closed my eyes and crying from inside..
and crying even harder when i remember that devils and ghosts can appear in the dark
hearing the swings' noise in our backyard
hearing baby cries..i really had a scary time..
i never felt that way before..when lights go out and my family is there...
maybe they give me the sense of safety and calm..
and maybe their presence makes me confident and warm..
suddenly i heard the noise of our car
great that was my dad and my mom..!!!
they opened the door and finally home..
they saw me crying and sitting on the rug
they ran to me and gave me a warm hug..
i cried on their shoulders and thanked God
they are back home and they are now with me..
my brother arrived too...still bothering and laughing at me..
eventhough he annoys me alot and causes me headaches
but i can't live without him.. cuz his absence causes me the all aches
it was still dark.....but i was no longer scared,
why shall i be ..and my family is there?
my mom went to the kitchen and brought the candles..
my dad brought the torch , and my brother as usual made noise and scandals
i finally knew that am nothing without them...!!!
their presence means everything ..!!
and their absence means alot!!!
they are a part of me and a part of my heart
and i hope that we'll never be apart!!
if anyone ever asked me to choose why i love my family..
i would certainly choose : all of the above..
my family is a great bless from God !!
Home is not home..without a family
a family is the reason for all of us to live happily

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