they noticed

all of them talk about us,
all of them know about our story,
except for U and ME.

they start to joke and sometimes mock
but it never affected me..
cuz what i believe in, is the thing that makes me happy
and all of their opinions never irritated me

however,i feel sad...i still feel free..
they talk and talk and talk and spread rumours for free..
but who cares? rumours about u and me, are really romantic and so sweet ..

we'll do what we think its true..
we'll never listen to u guys being so rude..
we're not doing anything wrong..its just us being so kind togethor and so sincere

stop the hate ...start to love
start with urself and stop judging the others..
u live alone..and die alone..and all of ur opinions will be burried with u

it is me and u ...and u r the best part of the story <3

seeing u day by day makes me wanna keep u forever in my heart as a glory !

urcharacter and ur mind...ur face and ur eyes
ur perfume and ur smile :)
they all take my breath away...and as i get closer to u i feel am about to faint..

ur words and ur jokes...ur qoutes and ur poems
everything u just takes my breath away..

oohhh when u look into my eyes..and when u talk to me and touch my hands,
i never wanna let u go ..and keep looking into ur eyes and never turn my face away..

how cute u r ,,and how glorious u r !
keep them talking about us...!! let them talk..
am happy with that...cuz i want them all to know
that it is true...that I LOVE U <3

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