Respect me and i will too
really it's not a nice thing to be rude
and maybe you've learnt that at school
But if ur teachers didnt teach u that
i think ur parents should do !!

and by disrespecting people u think u r cool
but in their eyes they see you as a big fool

raising ur voice just to show how strong u r
it makes u weak and maybe makes them think that u lie

and by disrespect,
the way u r speaking reveals ur ugliness
the way u r acting reveals ur selfishness

it is not a good thing to be hated,
and it is so sad to be underrated

U should behave like a grown up
and someone who deserves to live
not behaving like u r morally sick
and someone who is ignored by many else

u should taste ur words before spitting them out
cuz words can hurt like a sharp knife and even worse

be nice and be polite..
they will respect u and get close to u so tight

and the only way to deal with a disrespectful person
is to shut his mouth by ignoring him..cuz it will make him feel
that he is not worth talking to or staying with !!!

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