Chris Pt. 3. 11/20/04

It’s hard to explain how I can love the most

the one I’ve hurt the most.

The sound of your tears keep me awake at night.

And though I am certain that you know longer

It’s what could have been that I often wonder.

When not in grief I lust.

I want to go back to you but I could I ever regain your trust?

I long to express how much I still love you

for what you were to me then

and for what you are today.

I can’t help but feel that I’m losing you.

It is clear that I lost you long ago.

There are times when my memory won’t suffice

and what I know of you may not be true these days.

Because we are people

and people change in many ways.

I’ve learned so much from you

though you may not recall having ever taught me,

Can you still open my eyes?

Is there any more of you I have yet to see?

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