And You Might Never Know

When it's time to put all joking aside

And concentrate on the substance within us

A complex emotion is growing

Will this company last

Or will the seat beside me be empty once more

The grains of sand

Separately shift away

And every second that passes by

When I look into your eyes

This longing to cherish and savor

A fate so embedded

No options could withstand

But hope and appreciation

There will not be one moment taken for granted

So ever have I fallen this deeply

The choice to sacrifice all the tears

And pain that are to come

For this chance

Though it may be slim

Strongly against all odds

Your existence holds such precious values

In my world

And anytime we touch

Whether by the brushing of our hands

The lock in our gaze

Or dreaming of those lips

The connection that is felt

Will never from my mind deteriorate

Upon meeting such a being

You have opened my eyes

To the rebirth of this innocent faith

These hands were held and guided

From the bitterness and solemn

Atmosphere I once breathed

Will you promise to remember

All the laughters

All the tensions

And admiration

Stolen from the feelings of a young child

When this is all over?

Please hold them close to the soul

Kept safe in a locket

And never to allow it's will to fade

For your entrance into this empty house

Has warmed the air and blankets

A difference it all made

My happiness has re-newed

Thank you for waiting at my door

To reveal the truths

Somthing that only comes by once in a lifetime

This miracle that has happened

Your just




Author's Notes/Comments: 

It has been a long time since i've felt this way again, and I am glad it happened to me.

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